About Us

The Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association (CNPA) is incorporated as a Connecticut 501c6 nonprofit organization, and operates as a professional membership association that represents and advocates for Connecticut naturopathic doctors (NDs).

Bridging a Rich History with Modern Medicine

Connecticut has protected the practice of medicine since 1920, and was one of the first jurisdictions to issue licenses to naturopathic doctors. We are proud of our heritage as pioneers in the advancement and protection of naturopathic medicine, and work diligently to honor our history while moving toward our future.

Naturopathic physicians across Connecticut are as diverse as they are many. While many doctors follow traditional medicine principles, also known as “nature cure,” which emphasize the healing properties of lifestyle medicine, nutrition, botanical medicine, and/or homeopathy, others have integrated with other branches of medicine, and provide higher intervention modalities and cutting-edge treatments. Currently, the scope of naturopathic licensure does not offer prescriptive authority. We believe that although prescriptive medications are not necessarily a part of foundational medicine, they can be necessary and beneficial in various health situations. As advocates for the advancement of naturopathic medicine, we strongly support and are actively working toward the inclusion of naturopathic physicians in prescriptive authority in Connecticut.

CNPA also works toward the development of community within the naturopathic community in Connecticut and beyond, offering networking and mentorship opportunities. If you would like to be included on our mailing list to stay informed of these events, please sign up here.

Join us, and help shape the future of naturopathic medicine in Connecticut!

Sarah Ouano, ND
Communications for the Legislative Chair