Legislative Update: Calendar No. 418 & Meeting with DPH Commissioner

Dear colleagues,

Although it has been some time since our last legislative update, we do have some minor but important developments taking shape.

The first big news is that our proposed House Bill 6544 has successfully been “marked up,” or revised, by state attorneys to ensure its accuracy and completeness, and also passed through financial scrutiny. Because of this, we have been granted House Calendar No. 418!

This “calendar number” is not a calendar in the traditional sense, but rather ensures that the House of Representatives are aware of the bill and intend to debate and vote on it during this legislative session. We are not sure of when this will happen just yet, and so are working behind the scenes to connect with the Department of Public Health in the meantime.

As we mentioned before, we have been working with our lobbyists to secure a meeting with DPH’s new commissioner. We are still waiting for this to take place. However, Rep. Marilyn Moore of District 22 (Bridgeport), who was one of the Representatives who originally introduced pHB 5902, met with DPH Commissioner Coleman-Mitchell this past week. She reports that the Commissioner is open to discussing naturopathic prescriptive authority and the proposed formulary ahead of the House debate and vote, which gives us hope for the future of this legislation!
Thank you for your incredible support in this year’s legislative effort. We have come so far, and will continue to work closely with our legislators and DPH to move this legislation forward. As always, we will keep you informed of new developments as soon as possible!
Rick Liva, RPh, ND

Sarah Ouano

Sarah Ouano