LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Attorneys to Revise, New Commissioner Sworn in, and CNPA Members Wanted!

As you know, our bill, now known as HB 6544, has been combined with language surrounding patient privacy and genetic testing, has successfully moved out of the Public Health Committee, and is now moving on to the House floor for a vote. This is an incredible accomplishment, and the farthest we have ever come in the history of this legislative effort. We are so grateful for your advocacy and are excited for what’s ahead!

As with all proposed bills that make it out of committee, the bill now goes to state attorneys, who work to “scrub” the bill’s language to organize and accurately reflect the intention of the original language. This is especially important in our case, because our bill has been combined with another and needs to be revised.

In addition, we have just learned from our lobbyists that DPH’s new Commissioner-Designate Renée D. Coleman-Mitchell, MPH, is finally settling into her new role, and will begin taking appointments within the next ten days. Our bill is among the top issues Ms. Coleman-Mitchell will be considering, so we expect to schedule a meeting with her very soon and will advise you when this happens. Read more on our new commissioner here.

As we wait for our bill’s language to be reworked by state attorneys and plan for our meeting with Ms. Coleman-Mitchell, we look to our community for our biggest need right now–your financial support for our legislative effort through membership.

We are looking for twenty more NDs to join CNPA during this year’s membership drive, so that we can adequately meet our budget for this year’s legislative effort. Please register as a member online now, or contact our Accounts Manager, Robin, at cnpa.acctmanager@gmail.com, if you have questions about your membership status. We need your support now more than ever!

Thanks again for all of your hard work to engage your networks and get the word out about our legislative efforts. We will continue to keep you informed and work with you to see this bill through!

Sarah Ouano

Sarah Ouano