NATUROPATHIC NEWS: Announcing a new textbook in naturopathic business management!

Jenson Hagen, MSFA, ND, CPA, has published a groundbreaking textbook for the naturopathic community entitled Concepts in Health Care Entrepreneurship. Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) generally have to learn on-the-fly and master entrepreneurial skills in a state of panic. Concepts in Health Care Entrepreneurship is a modular, organized textbook that contains everything an ND needs to build a solid, thriving practice of any kind.
This full-colored textbook delivers a unique and powerful education as it moves through the fields of marketing, accounting, finance, and management.  The textbook brings together professional insights from two chiropractors, a human resources director, and clinic office manager.  The entire anatomy of what creates a successful private clinic is explained in tremendous depth with clear examples on how to implement concepts in a real-world setting.  The full suite of content includes a sample business plan, dialogue examples, case studies, software screenshots, an index, glossary, and table of contents.

About the Author

Dr. Jenson Hagen, the textbook’s author, worked in public accounting and investment consulting before transitioning over to naturopathic medicine.  He graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2014.

“I dedicated 10 years to formulate this textbook as a way of strengthening the naturopathic community with the understanding that clinic success means delivering high-quality healthcare services.”


Additional resources are available free-of-charge through the website. The student webpage contains marketing and accounting files, along with helpful business links.  The webpage for teachers houses project assignments and textbook answers.  A YouTube channel (remedybooks) expands the content offering with the addition of software video tutorials.
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Congratulations, Dr. Hagen!
Sarah Ouano

Sarah Ouano