NEW DATE – Holistic Counseling: Mind-Body Healing for Clients and Yourself

November 17th-19th, 2017 | Wallingford, CT or Online

Become an expert in Mind-Body Medicine

Suppressed emotions can be expressed as physical symptoms. The body reflects our thoughts & beliefs and negative beliefs can cause illness and inhibit deep healing.

Dr. Moshe Daniel Block, ND, HMC is an expert in mind-body medicine. He developed Holistic Counseling from his own experience with severe illness. Dr. Moshe healed himself from the rare auto-immune disease Myasthenia Gravis with deep counseling alone.

Holistic Counseling is a powerful, gentle and effective mind-body counseling method. This course will teach you how to get to the bottom of a person’s struggle and buried wounds in order to bring about awareness, liberation, and lasting changes to their physical, emotional and mental health.

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