• NEW DATE – Holistic Counseling: Mind-Body Healing for Clients and Yourself

    November 17th-19th, 2017 | Wallingford, CT or Online Become an expert in Mind-Body Medicine Suppressed emotions can be expressed as physical symptoms. The body reflects our thoughts & beliefs and negative beliefs can cause illness and inhibit deep healing. Dr. Moshe Daniel Block, ND, HMC is an expert in mind-body medicine. He developed Holistic Counseling from his own experience with severe illness. Dr. Moshe healed himself from the rare auto-immune disease ...

  • Healing Skies Conference, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Dear Naturopathic Physicians, We invite you to join us for a first ever event for Canada, hosted by the Saskatchewan Association of Naturopathic Physicians (SANP). The time and place: Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan, August 18-20, 2017. This event will happen very shortly after our nation’s 150th birthday, right beside one of Canada’s best kept secrets, the historically sacred, mineral rich, naturally buoyant healing waters of Little Manitou Lake.  It will take place inside another of ...

  • 2017 CNPA Annual Conference

    9th Annual CNPA Conference at Wesleyan University April 22, 2017 iFrameResize({autoResize : true, checkOrigin : false});