CNPA Legislative Action Fund

Do you want NDs to have a modern scope of practice?

The law governing naturopathic medicine is seriously outdated. It prevents the people of our state from getting the alternative primary health care they want and need. It infringes on the rights of naturopathic doctors to practice what they have been educated and trained to do. CT is not the first state to significantly expand and modernize the ND scope of practice. As examples these states, Arizona in 2002, Washington in 2005, Hawaii in 2009, Vermont in 2013 and California all have upgraded and modernized their scope of practice. CT ND scope of practice is the most antiquated in the US and it is time to modernize the 90 plus year old CT naturopathic scope of practice.

Please help this effort by doing the following:

1. CONTRIBUTE (see below):

to the CNPA Legislative Action Fund. This fund pays lobbyists and legal counsel to raise awareness through a grassroots effort. NOTE: Your contribution is NOT tax deductible.

2. HELP:

In the next few months those working on this project will contact you and ask you to call, write and visit your state legislators to educate them and ask for their help in making this change happen. They will supply you with written materials and educate you on the nuances of speaking with your legislators.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Rick Liva, ND (President CNPA)